Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Principles of Life

This is an email from my dear friend from Australia Mr. P.G.J. Sinclair. Whatever good I receive and feel useful, I share with world community. 

ProfHere are the principles that I personally aspire to have operating in my life - just thought I'd share them with you... PGJS(Peter)
  • Show respect.
  • Keep your word.
  • Pursue excellence in all that you do.
  • Take time to listen.
  • Be  a giver more than a receiver.
  • Think the best of others.
  • Encourage others to become the best they can possibly become.
  • Offer a timely and encouraging word.
  • Say sorry.
  • Smile first.
  • Remember a name.
  • Lend a hand.
  • Give in secret.
  • Let others do the job of ‘blowing your trumpet’.
  • Be there.
  • Spend quality time.
  • Be kind.
  • Write the random love note.
  • Give the unexpected gift.
  • Return the vehicle with the fuel tank full.
  • Go the extra mile.
  • Pay someone else’s bill.
  • Say please and thank you.
  • Lift up in preference to pulling down.
  • Overlook faults.
  • Say nothing when withheld words represent wisdom.
  • Speak up when spoken words are necessitated.
  • Correct in private.
  • Applaud in public.
  • Hold the hand of another when words fail.
  • Refrain from trying to fix everybody.
  • Be the student, even though you may be the teacher.
  • Walk in humility.
  • Live in serenity.
  • Appreciate the simple.
  • Express gratitude.
  • Live in a state of thankfulness.
So let me encourage you to always seek to do as you would want to be done, and that way you will live a fulfilled life.
Be blessed!
Peter G. James Sinclair
Outasight Enterprises, PO Box 1218, Mudgeeraba, QLD 4213, AUSTRALIA

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