Monday, July 4, 2016

Know your world.

Which world do you live in?

Digital world or
Physical world

Physical world(the real people i.e. family and friends) is always around you throughout life

But digital world cannot help you when you need physical help: 

for example if you meet with an accident and need someone to attend on you in the hospital, you need physical presence of loved one (s), not gazettes from digital world or digital relationships.

Choose well. 

Which relations to be developed – digital world or the world around you i.e. people you meet every day. 

By relations, I mean the time, one spends to develop the relation with. 

In modern days, understanding of humans is decreasing and attachment to digital gazettes is increasing. Balance is required.

Digital gazette cannot hug you and you cannot feel the pleasure of hug you get from your loved one or mom. 

When over expectations meet with rejections, it hurts. So, beware. 

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