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No complaints, please!

Making our lives better and happier is our prime motive, and we feel the need to make a conscious effort towards it.

Since, the commitment is to our own selves, so, only we are responsible.

We have to look into our lives and see what would make the biggest impact.

We need to give up certain ways and habits and take on something we could continue doing to bring about a positive change in our lives.

Here, I am going to give you a list of a few things you should stop doing so that life becomes blissful and stress free.


Complaining is actually a way of finding fault with everything around you. You build up lot of negativity your system which affects you adversely.

·      Complaining keeps you in stuck in ‘problem mode” and inaction.
·      It spreads negativity to others.
·      A form of rumination.
·      Makes frustration seem more intense and chronic.
·      Keeps magnifying problems.
·      Not really an effective way to feeling better.

Minimize junk food intake.

Poor diet increases stress. Monitor junk going inside your system. Too much caffeine can become exhausting. Emotional exhaustion can cause depression. It is important to give up poor eating habits to rejuvenate your system and get rid of stress from your life.

Making comparisons:
It’s human nature to compare. In the age of social media, it is easy to slip into comparisons. Competitive friendships are common. If we think we are in any way less than our friends, we don’t feel good and this creates stress.

Unrealistic expectations

Real sources of stress in our lives are unrealistic expectations from our own self and from others around us. This generates a sense of lack and disappointment within us.

Safeguard sleep

One of the major causes of stress is not getting enough sleep.  This can lead to a lot of stress. Sleep helps you feel more empowered, better equipped to solve problems and enjoy your life with a stress free mind.

Jumping to conclusions

Many times in life you can react without having all the facts and jump to conclusions. We can assume the worst about others. We like to imagine we are mind readers. We start reacting without knowing the facts.

So, we need to give up the negatives and pick up on the positives in order bring ourselves to a level of happiness we desire.

Note: This is a write up Rene Singh, a Chandigarh based psychotherapist.

The article has appeared on Life & Style page of The Tribune dated 9th February, 2016 published from Chandigarh (India).

I am sharing it for the benefit of my brothers, sisters, children throughout the world.

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