Thursday, January 7, 2016


Mind is a good servant but very bad master. Mind is like a monkey that keeps on jumping from one branch of tree to another branch of tree. 
A person asked a wise man: Can you tell me what is the form of God?
The saintly wise man thoughtfully with his one finger on the chin said: Do you know who are you? The person nodded in negative. The wise man said: Know thyself and you will know the world or the creator of the world. If you could not know about yourself in your life till now, how can you know the creator of you? Go and first know about yourself and then come to know about the creator.The creator is within you. No need to find HIM outside thee. 

Isn't it the nature of human being to keep on asking "Where is God?" The human beings are more interested to find out what the others are having. Rather than feeling pride what he has. 

Comparison is hell. 

To elaborate more: On the eve of New Year, the management of a company gave gifts to its employees but it was observed that the most of the employees instead of focusing on opening and enjoying own gift were busy in asking others "what have you received as gift." 
In life too, we are mentally busy to know the net worth of the people known to us. First we endeavour our best to know what the others have and then we start feeling jealous of them by storming our mind with the thoughts: How has he accumulated all those possession or wealth?

We keep on troubling and torturing ourselves with those inefficient thoughts without any reason.

The simple answer is "the minds of majority of the people are filled with greed."
What they see, they love to have. Can every thing owned by others be had? No. Not at all.

What gives happiness in life is FREE. For example: air to breathe is Free. Love of mother, father, brother, sister and friends is FREE.

Exaggerated expectations from others and mental possessions are the cause of  mental unrest.

Meditation helps in settling down these kind of untameable temptations. Bad is in our mind. But instead of throwing it out our minds, we keep on nurturing it in our mind and result is the collapse of character. 
Wealth is lost, nothing is lost
Health is lost, something is lost
Character is lost, everything is lost, says Mahatma Gandhi.

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