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Roots of education may seem bitter but fruits of education are really sweet and last for whole of life.
I categorise the human beings in 3 categories generally:
1. Unemployable: Those who do not possess any skill or education and look for job as a daily wager.
2. Employable: Know the mother tongue and are employable in their own states where mother tongue is spoken and written and their maximum job market is their own country. 
3. Globally employable: Who know their mother tongue, national language and international language like English. They are educated and command employability throughout world.
 While emphasising on education, one simple sentence is used:
Education is a better guard of liberty than standing army.
 As seed grows into a big tree of different sizes and colours, so is the education gives the fruit throughout life in different ways. One fruit is you belong to the world through internet and without spending a dime, enjoy meeting kith and kin, friends from different countries. Who does not like having friends from different countries!
Another couplet impresses me:
Formal education gives living,
but self-education gives a fortune.
So, never stop learning even after leaving school, college or university. Reading 5/6 pages a day will make you better than those who do not read. Start is difficult. Muster the courage to start and your interest will grow. 
Education adds value to you. How?
Scrap of iron is sold say price is  1 cent per kg.
But when scrap is sent to the furnace, it is burned in the furnace. Good quality scrap turns into steel while bad quality scrap is burned during the process. 
Steel sells 10 times costlier than scrap.
From this steel, very costly products are manufactured. Value addition keeps on adding at each and every step. 
Now, steel when turned into "magnet" costs 1000 times more than steel.  Magnets run the turbines that generate electricity and electricity is life line of humans and industries.
Applying the same to humans:
1. As a child, we go to school. Some bear the pressure and continue the education. They are good scrap. Others don't discipline themselves for any reason whatever it may be  and drop. They are bad scrap.
2. Many complete schooling but do not join colleges. Those who join college are like steel i.e. they have better value and work options. They have employment opportunities - nationally and internationally.
3.  The third level is steel turned into "magnet". Applying to the same yardstick to humans, the growth oriented minds who have been sharpened in schools, college or university keep on becoming better and better. They do not compare themselves with others or fellow beings but keep on improving their levels of learning. This makes them "magnets" or experts in their field of work. 
Education enables a person to differentiate between "good" and "b ad" , ethical and in-ethical, moral and immoral, legal and illegal and many more. Education is the best gift to be given to the kids. All other gifts are perishable and but gift of education is imperishable. 
Education is self-acquired skill. Certificates can be given to the children or others but the knowledge and skill acquired through those certificate cannot be transferred. 
Education empower, education elevates. Be educated. Age does not matt r for learning. A 92 years old lady, said on TV in reply to a question of the anchor: So, grandma, you have finished 10th standard. Now what is your dream. She replied in fumbling broken words:  I,  I, I  w   i     s   h          to   b  e       g r a d u a t e    b e f o r e      I     c  l o  s  e    m  y      e   y  e s.  Who teaches was the next question?  M  y  g r e a t   g r e a t   g r a n d  d a u g h t e r.
77 years old Vinodji from Patna is doing Ph.D. 
Value yourself and value education. 
Here is a story from a student who had completed his +2 from Punjabi medium school from a village. He told:
I paid you Rs. 2200/- as fee for English Speaking Course  but it will pay me over 1 crore in life. I was surprised and asked: How?            He further told: It is a long story. I belong to a village. My father is a village head. I passed my +2 from Punjabi medium school with 80% marks. An advertisement from a bank said candidates with 60% marks in +2 can apply for the posts of Clerks. I was happy and applied for the post.
The word of my applying for the bank spread in the village and the villages around as my father used to tell each and every person he met.
With great zeal and zest I prepared for the exam. I took the exam. The result was FAIL. I  was discouraged.  My mother boosted my morale and father  too said that it was first attempt, don't bother.
Next time too I failed. This time my father was angry. I felt frustrated. But I attempted 3rd time and this time too I failed. I reflected upon the reasons of my continuous failure and found that my English was poor.   I worked very hard on English. 4th time I attempted and I failed. 
This infuriated my father and he threw me out of the house. My mother wept a lot. 
I came to your city and started working in a factory. I was paid Rs. 4000/- per month. I stayed in a dingy room. 
I joined 2/3 institutes to learn ENGLISH. But at the time of admission, they said: You will write and speak ENGLISH well but the course ended they said: You are from Punjabi medium school and that too from a village, hence you are very weak in ENGLISH.  These words hurt me a lot. But I could not speak back.
As luck would have been, one day I was going back to my room in the auto-rickshaw (3-wheeler) and as usual I was telling my story of frustration to one of my friend. In that auto-rickshaw, a lady professor was sitting. She was hearing all this. She advised me to meet you.  I met you and you gave me hope. You told me that I would learn English writing and speaking. It all heartened me. I joined the 2 month course by depositing Rs.2200 in 2007. I attended the class. I felt a new energy for studying and working hard. Meditation techniques, memory techniques taught by you made me more confident.
Your words: Two characteristics Attitude and Making Efforts are in your control. If you believe you can pass any exam, you must have positive attitude and should "Never Stop Doing" . These words inspire me to work hard. 
As I lived all alone and had failed in the bank exams 4 times, throughout night I kept on reading the books in addition to the SELF-LEARNING MATERIAL, audio CDs, workbook given by you.  This all made me confident and I took the exam of the bank.          This time, I cleared the exam.
"That's true, but how it will give you 1 crore?" I quipped out of curiosity.
"Sir, I am getting Rs. 20000/- as salary and will work at least for 30/35 years. My promotion will be there. Respect and prestige is there. This will make me more than 1 crore in 35 years. "
I gave a loud laugh as this was never thought by my small head.
"Sir, now my father is addressed as "father of bank manager" by the villagers and villagers come to our home for seeking guidance for bank exams for their children. It boosts the heart of my parents. Now my father on the rainy days comes to my bank to pick me up in the car. I thank you a lot. It is all due to your guidance. Your way of teaching is excellent. It generates confidence. THANK YOU SIR, PRANAM."

I was thinking that a teacher can never know how his teaching will benefit the taught. 

So, Rs. 2200/- investment on education will pay the taught Rs. 1 crore in life. This is the value of education.
Success is not tough but it demands:
1. Hard work, continuous focused hard.
2. Positive attitude with end result in mind.
3. Powerful self-trusting self-talk makes you winner.

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