Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Inner Beauty -the Blissfulness

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For many years, months and days I was in dilemma " how to find inner happiness" unlimited, undevided which is referred to "blissfulness" in holy scriptures.

Despite my diet change, thought change, chanting change, in depth study of holy scriptures, I was unable to feel happy from inside. My mind always found something negative with the world, with the people around me and with everything which is real. I took shelter in the not-real.

But one word that attracted my attention a lot: Visualize and that visualization becomes reality. I started focusing. I concentrated deep. I meditated deep on this sentence and yester night in my visualization I came across 3 words: hate, love and hug.

Whenever the visualization about people I have around me, situations I face in daily life and my expectations from others popped up in my half-sleep mind, 3 reactions were felt by my body and mind.

1. People , situations and expectations appear:  . My self talk: I hate you, I hate the situation, I hate my efforts because my efforts are not giving me the expected results, I hate myself as I am not worthy. Now the word "hate" generates heat, makes me uncomfortable, sleep is disturbed. I was wondering. It is the word and it was creating so many reactions in my body and my mind

2. People, situations and expectations appear. .My self talk: I love you, I love the situation, I love my efforts because my efforts are  giving me the expected results though not in direct proportion, I love myself as I am worthy and no  body can make me worthless. I am educated, experienced, I will focus more on my work and less on gossip, I will not waste time, I will be more productive than mere busy.
Wow just changing the the word "hate" with love generated peace in mind and body and sleep was comfortable and sound.

3. People , situations and expectations appear:  . My self talk: I hug you, I hug the situation, I hug my efforts because my efforts are giving me the expected results, I hug  myself as I am  worthy and intelligent.

Use of this word in subconscious mind too generated somewhat the same feelings as the word "love.: I felt my body is experiencing peace beyond my expectations, all along serenity was prevailing and my sleep was more sound and dreamless. 

I have really benefitted from this small mental exercise. Today I am more relaxed, more fresh and think that during the day I will be more productive too as smile will remain on my face. Yes, I observe fast two days a week to balance my over indulged food. Sprouted beans are my breakfast with lemon water.

I miss evening meals 2-3 times a week. I am 58 and quite active.
You too can use this and feel good. This is not my copyright.

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