Monday, May 11, 2015


My friend told:          
 I was suffering from a very vicious disease that had no remedy with others.        
Some said this OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) others said the change in your body is natural and nothing can avoid it.       
But, I felt this was not right.     

 I hated world, I held the world and worldly people and my dear ones responsible for all this. ''
When the body is weak and fearful thoughts emerge in the mind, through mouth and mind, one holds others and circumstances responsible. 

As key is to lock the house, so is mouth to lock the mind. Mouth open unpleasantly destroys relationships. In my view,  attitude is religion, soft skills are relationship builders, character is God. Lock the mouth and your bad reactions to the world are hidden.

Yes one more remedy, do not open the mouth and speak everything what is non-pleasant to others and speak loudly what is pleasant and builds relationships.

Healthy relationships are life. Wounds caused by sword can be healed but wounds caused by biting unpleasant words cannot be healed.       Toxic relations make the life toxic too.

But I never stopped believing in the creator.      
So, perhaps, through his grace, an elderly person known to me advised: Do this and you will feel good.        

It was a just a ray of hope in the dark.

For about 7-1/2 years, my life was totally derailed.

Depression, cardiac arrest and hopelessness was suffered by me .                   All felt that I will not bounce back in life.    

 But I did and am living well and more productively. 
  Fears I faced earlier have  flown away.      
 What does not kill strengthens  us.

So, now the advice of the elderly person    
(1)  Pay respects and bow to your Guardian God . Guardian Gods  are the spirits of your ancestors in heaven.  Go and pay respects. They will help you . Have their icons at your home and ask them to help you . Like living parents, they too protect you.   Guardian God bless you. Have an attitude of gratitude. Time heals every wound. Trust it. Believe it and wait for good days.  
2) Do positive self talk      e.g. I am healing, I am getting better  and better day by day, good days are coming, world is good, people are good.

3) Focus your mind on what you have rather than what you wish to have in future.

4) Believe in yourself and the world will believe in you . Know your strengths and focus on them. Shine them. The weaknesses will automatically be overcome. Do your SWOT analysis in writing.  Pay not any attention to others opinion about yourself. Only you know who you are and what you can do. But do every thing in writing. It will help you. Mental planning and work causes mental tension. Create a habit of writing and you will see that you are more intelligent and powerful than what others tell or you think.

5) As the key is to lock of the house, mouth is to your mind. Appreciate in public and depreciate in private or do not depreciate others at all. Hating and disliking causes unnecessary tension in mind. Avoid it. Program your mind yourself consciously. Closing your eyes, talk positive and forgive others.

6) Do not react to others and feel jealous of others' progress. Or this will break you down mentally and physically.  Healthy attitude about life keeps the life happy, healthy and prosperous            plus disease free. Mind is the engine of the train called body. Healthy mind creates healthy body. Avoid self-medication. It destroys immunity of the body. Immunity is the natural healing power of the body. Let the body repair itself through positive thinking and self-talk.

7) Be less suspicious. Changing attitude everything changes. World was before you and world will be here after you. You live lively. That's your responsibility.

8. 10% is the situation and 90% is our reaction. How? Boil water in a pan. Put some carrots, then eggs and then coffee. Carrots will become soft, eggs will become hard and coffee will boil with water. Same is about the situations in life. You can act, you can react or you can adapt yourself.
Choice lies with you.

 It has been found that 98% mentally thought fears and fearful situations never happen  in life .
If you want to check , write on a paper or notebook with date what you fear or suspect will happen and when will it happen.

And after that date check if this has happened.

If this does not happen, then understand that fear was just fantasy or imaginary and  not REAL.  Majority of the people in the world suffer from such kind of fears.    
Fear has two meanings.         FEAR= Fear everything and run .                    
                                                 FEAR = Face everything and rise         
  Bold, powerful, positive self talk and reading positive powerful self esteem boosting literature really brought me back to life. I thank that mentor.   
Mentors matter in life.                                   Negative people whom I call blood suckers and believers that control of your life is in the hand of some external power and man can do nothing are really devastating and destroy happiness from life.      They appear totally ignorant and make their own faith opium. Instead of acting their part to solve the problem, they leave it to their faith blindly.
Believe in yourself and the world will believe in you . SELF BELIEF with faith in Almighty is the crux of rising in life.     

 Forgive yourself and others - be it outsider or family member -  not because they deserve it  but you deserve mental peace.
  Never carry guilt . Mistakes have led to the biggest discoveries of the world.   Many don't act for fear of failure. Act and fail but learn and act next time.

This time you are more intelligent, more aware and more organized and will learn new things.
And ultimately SUCCESS will be yours.

But positive attitude is most important. It is your inner approach to handle anything in life.

Nothing is bad with this world. Only you need to change your attitude and world will become beautiful for you.

See and appreciate the beauty within yourself and the world will appear beautiful. My perception by you is your self reflection is a good saying.

THINK POSITIVE, BE HAPPY AND LIVE HAPPILY. Straight lines (smiles) have more value than curved ones.

Yes 30 days change in diet pays a lot. 30 days 30 glasses of fruit juice/lime juice plus a few say 4-5 nuts daily detoxify the body and you feel more healthy, more vibrant and more good from inside and your self-productivity increases. 1 glass of fruit juice or lime juice a day keeps the medicine and many deceases  away.

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