Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What binds marriage?


Once a wise man was sitting on his wheel and spinning the wheel. It was after noon. The sun was shining.

A young man turned to him for counseling and said:

Baba I am fed up from the churlish talk, acts and daily nagging and quarrels on petty issues of my young wife. Please tell me some techniques "how to handle her to save my marriage."

The wise man kept  on spinning on his wheel. He kept on moving the wheel and the young man felt that the wise man was not moved a bit internally from his question.

He repeated the question again assuming that perhaps wise man  has not listened the question well.

The wise man called his wife  and asked for lighted lantern. Lantern is a lamp used in villages generally where there is no electricity. People use it at night to give light to their environment i.e. houses, outer places etc.

His wife brought the lantern with wick burning and giving full light.

The young man was surprised to see that full sun is shining and the wife has not cross questioned the husband :                  why is the light needed when sun is shining?

The wise man  again beckoned the wife  to bring some sweets for the guest.

The wife brought some salty eatable. Wise man  did not cross questioned the wife and fired her with words.  But instead offered the salty eatable to the guest.

"So, what were you asking?" asked the wise man .

"No, I was not asking any question. I have got the answer to the question. Your wife brought lantern and she did not cross question.  You asked for sweets but she brought salty eatable. You did not cross question or raised hue and cry. I know to bind the marriage as a pious relationship is understanding between two persons.

"Your wife did not cross question you because she understood that the burning lantern may be needed by you for another purpose than light.

She trusts you and just obeyed you blindly. She brought salty eatable.

You trust her intellect so much that you did not cross question "why?" It may be there is no sweets at home and only salty eatable is there.

So, I have got the answer to my irritations and I will improve. I will share this with my wife too."

Wise man  smiled and young man went to his home.

Trust and understanding build and bind the marriage.
No third person's interference should shake it if you want to enjoy your married life.


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