Monday, December 22, 2014

953rd Posts

In 2008 when I started blogging, I never had an idea that I had so many useful thoughts to share with the people of the world.

Today, 23rd December, 2014 , I felt good when I posted 952nd post.

Thank you Google.

Thank you international blogging community.

You are my inspiration.

I have noticed 2 benefits of blogging:

1. It has refined my skill of writing and organized my thoughts which were running riot in my head.
2. It made me reach the intelligentsia of the world.

I have written 5 books in English and 1 book titled "Vadmulla Teacher" in Punjabi for Punjabi reading people of the world.

The book is on amazon.

Steps for reaching the book:

1. Open Google
2. Type in search bar.
3. Click on books
4. Type "Vadmulla Teacher" in search bar.
5. You can buy it from there.

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