Monday, August 18, 2014

To win the race, slow down

To win the race, slow down

            An article published in The Tribune dated 14th August, 2014  

            by Dr. Aditya Ratan, a Panchkula (Haryana-India) based consultant                  



In today’s fast-paced world, it is a aptly said that stress is nothing but a socially acceptable form of mental illness. Stress often results from mismatch between expectations and abilities. Those who are stressed are likely to be unhealthy, less motivated and less productive. However, most of the stress can be easily managed.


Here are a few simple steps that will help.


  • Don’t burden your brain with too many things to memorise. Keep a simple organizer diary handy or use your smartpone organizer apps to note down the to-do list for the day. Plan your day ahead. Keep separate time slots for work, meals, family and social calls. Keep your mind clutter-free by noting down even the smallest things like greeting someone on a birthday, anniversary or payment of bills etc.
  • Visualise your work place as your playground and try to maintain a passion for work.
  • Try to sneak in time for a power nap in the afternoon, which may be as little as 20 minutes. Don’t let others encroach upon your schedule.
  • Avoid excessive use of social networking sites during your working hours.
  • Appreciate, acknowledge and show your gratitude for every small work done by any co-worker. Don’t fret over unfinished tasks as it crates a negative atmosphere ad does not help any cause.
  • Don’t throw your bags or push your kids away when you reach home. Your actual job starts as soon as you enter the house. The best de-stressor is spending quality time with the persons you love and care for the most.
  • De-stressing is important but try to avoid electronic media for the purpose.  A few silent deep breaths or sitting in meditation can help you de-stress faster than you can imagine. It is rightly said that the best time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.
  • Prioritize your work. Plan and do the important and necessary things first. There is no harm in organizing and delegating things that don’t require you in person.
  • The first time to take up and finish the task in band is now. Meticulous planning is of no help unless acted upon. Don’t procrastinate
  • Go for vacations often. Spend your weekends relaxing. Try not to bring your work home. Plan your week ahead.
  • Inculcate a hobby and spend your leisure time in doing what you enjoy the most.
  • Go with the rhythm of the nature. Dedicate your early morning for yoga, meditation or a long walk. Remain in the present moment. Listen to the chirping of the birds and enjoy the blessings of nature.
  • Pamper yourself. Go for spas: head and body messages/workout in the gym. Shopping and rewarding yourself can be a big stress buster for some.
  • Don’t get upset by the happenings around you. Remember the spiritual mantra: this too shall pass.



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