Thursday, July 3, 2014


Neither ahead, nor behind;
All shackles,
I have created in mind.

Like a clean slate,
Never I meet a mate,
Anger , anguish
Jealousy and hate
Prejudice and pride
Are in  my mind.
Neither ahead,
Nor behind.
All right and wrong
is in my mind.
I am cleaning
Purity I am feeling.
In relationship and
in the world  out;
I now know
I cannot live against
But with the life’s flow.
though very slow

I care my words,
Mind more they may not over blow.
Now I am patient and tolerant
More loving and affectionate
I love humans,
birds and animals alike,
As I loved in youth
My  fancy bike.
Now I believe  
Neither ahead, nor behind,
All shackles,
I have created in my mind.




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