Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad


Parents are visible God
God is invisible parents.


When I came in this world;
Young, helpless to defend myself.


My mom, grand mom and elders
Helped me to grow
Always taught me respect elders,
Respect Almighty with a bow.


Dad earned, I learned and yearned
Mom with daily chores, 
cooking  food, washing clothes  felt deadly burned.


But I never felt the heat of their will 
They always crushed their sweet wishes to fulfill,
But always care to save me from worldly ills.


Sent me to school,
Whereas they never saw the temple of learning.
Sacrified their youth for me and for my earning 

My mom, my aunt, my grand ma are my first teacher,
Dad taught to be honest , upright and creator 

As my knowledge through education and learning
Went on increasing 

I with my behaviour and words with them 
went on decreasing 



Never thought my MBA is their favour
That in my life added all the flavour 

My mom and dad are very dear to me
Every day and night I yearn to see  

When my children came into the world,
And they treated as I treated my mom and dad.


I felt the unexpressed anguish and  pain
I analysed, in life , 
what I lost,what I gain 

Then I realized my mom and dad’s pain.
Tears welled up my cheeks like a rain.


I wrote a letter to my pa
I am your son and will mend the behaviour and words
That I could not tolerate from my own wards.


Pa and Ma though old and frail
Wished me “ Be happy and be blessed.
We will pray to Almighty 
New heights in life,  you should scale.”

                         - by P.K.Keshap

तुम कहती हो कि मैं दुनिया छोड दूँ तेरे लिए 
क्या करूँ एक और है जो मेरे बिना खाना नहीं खाती ।  हर रात मेरी राह  देखती है।
बह है मेरी माँ  उसका पलु थाम कर मुझे दुनिया से  डर नहीं लगता है।  तुम भी चाहिए बह भी।  है तुम हिम बताओ में करूँ।  सोचो तुम मेरे जगह हो तो क्या करती।  सही सलाह के लिए इंतज़ार है। 

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