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Knower Vs. Learner

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Knowers V/s Learners


In times of change, the learners will inherit the Earth while the knowers will find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.

- Eric Hoffer (1902 - 1983)

We have been revolving round the “knowers”, our only concern has always been producing “knowers” and we have valued their knowledge as the end.

With changing times our focus now has to be producing learners, who can adopt to change easily and perform in diverse conditions.

Let us look at some of the distinct points of knowers and learners;

  1. Knowers see learning as destination; learners see learning as a journey.
  2. Knowers go for certainty; learners go for possibility
  3. Knowers see their truth as the only truth; learners are open to others’ views
  4. Knowers base their Self Image on being right; learners base theirs on contribution
  5. Knowers are not able to overcome fear easily as they do not admit their shortcomings or are not ready to admit that they do not know everything; Learners overcome fears with relative ease, as they readily admit their shortcomings and are open to learn new things.
  6. Knowers cannot be wrong, so if they make a mistake they find someone or something to blame; learners can make mistakes, admit they do not have all the answers and continue to be a part of the solution
  7. Knowers find it difficult to adopt to change and become weaker, less effective and less influential over time; learners readily adopt, become stronger, more effective, and more influential

I have found that I am a knower in some aspects and a learner in some aspects, and after working with number of people have realized that this is true for everyone and one can become a learner from a knower.

Learners excel in business, Corporate are looking for learners, in every aspect of life learners consistently keep growing.

Now the big question;

Are we producing knowers or learners in our education system?

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