Wednesday, February 6, 2013


                       RULES OF LIVING
1.              Never put off till tomorrow
                What you can do today.
2.              Never trouble another for
               What you can do yourself.
3.              Never buy what you do not need or want
              Because it is cheap.
4.              Pride costs more than
             Hunger, thirst or cold.
5.              We seldom repent
           Having eaten little.
6.              Nothing is troublesome
          That we do willingly.
7.              How much pain the evils
         Have caused us that have never happened.
8.              Take the things always
  By the smooth handle.
9.              Value time or
         Time will stop valuing you.
10.       Mirror reflects our appearances,
         Heart reflects our soul.
11. Never spend before
          you have money in your hand.

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