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ihNdI, pMjwbI Aqy ANgRyjI imifAm vwly swry hI ieh kors kr skdy hn[
2-month Certificate courses
1. Kidz Spoken English(6th to 8th class),
2. Spoken English Course (Mini-IELTS/TOEFL for education or job in foreign country)
(9th to B.A/M.A/Ph.D, B.Ed/M.Ed, M.B.B.S, MD, Journalism, MBA/MCA, Bank Exams, IAS, IPS aspirants) (College students appearing in April can expect good marks in English)
3. Advanced Spoken English (M.A (English), IAS, IPS, PO, MAT, CAT, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL students)
Buy prospectus for more details. Courses starting from  1st March, 2013.
 Join for improving your marks in your April, 2013 exams.

American English research based books, workbooks, pocket book and CDs. 25% teaching and 75% practical.
Mind Maps and Mind Power is not taught in schools, colleges or universities.

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The 7-day course in Mind Power and Spoken English by Prof Keshap boosted the result from 70% to 98% of our school. He taught our students: Conscious Mind and Unconscious and how the success in exams and competitions can be easy by using subconscious mind. Our B.Ed/M.Ed teachers learnt new study and teaching techniques from Prof P.K.Keshap – Director of the institute.Our students say: Mind Power Study Techniques are very useful.

Dr. Bhagubhai Prajapati, Principal Narayan Vidayalaya.
 Recipient of International Gold Star Award, Bangkok.
Authorized Independent Admission-cum-Career Counselor:
 BITS off-campus institute at Madurai for
1.        MBA (AICTE approved) (gryjUeySn + mYt/kYt)
2.         Merchant Navy (Director General of Shipping Approved), B.S Nautical Science, B.S (Marine Engineering) GME (Graduate Mechanical Engineering), SEO (Ship Electrical Officer), Marine Hospitality (swry mrcYNt nyvI dy kors hn +2 Xw ifplomw/ifgrI qoN bwd kIqy jw skdy hn)
3.        Hotel Management (+2)
4.        Animation (Think about Harry  Potter and Spiderman movies) (+2)
5.        TV Production (+2)
6.        Videography courses. (+2)

100 acres college with mock ship, swimming pool, play grounds, VERY LOW FEE. NO CAPITATION FEE. Admission on merit. Bank loan assistance available. ALL COURSES ARE RESIDENTIAL.
Fix an appointment on phone before coming for counseling.

FF-3A, Pearls Palace, Ghumar Mandi, Ludhiana, Phones: 0161-2405560, 2455560, 07589008829, 09478761001.

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