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A child is an angel. Majority believes and says like this but why are “terrorists” in this world of angels? My mind many times goes on pondering on this question. World not only has international terrorists, the people who terrorize and escape the eye of law are in plenty. Terrorizing or using force in day to day life is an inescapable trait of humans at large.

WHY THIS HAPPENS? Many times I think and have inferred:

CONCEPTION can be categorized in 3 stages.
1. Pre-conception:

It is the period after marriage when the couple wishes to conceive a child. Continuous listening to holy hymns and reading holy books by the would-be parents will affect the thinking of the child, I believe.

Mental state of the would-be parents is of great importance in pre-conception phase of planned child. Father’s role in this is of 10-20minutes, mother’s role is for full 9 months. So, following behaviour by the mother does contribute a great deal in forming and constructing the behaviour pattern of the coming child.

• Watching programs that are not violent in nature keeps the child away from violent behaviour. My experience.

• Remaining away from quarrelling over trifles like financial and social matters does improve the behaviour pattern of the child. – I trust.

• Looking by would-be mother at the picture of mythical character is when they were children e.g. Lord Krishna’s picture, Lord Rama’s Picture, Sri Hanuman’s picture, Lord Jesus Christ’s picture when he was born do contribute in forming good.

• Mental peace and listening to music that gives peace to the mind is really very useful. It makes the child more intelligent and quick learner.

2. During Pregnancy:

• Regular consultation with the expert or a doctor benefits a lot.
• Saving the would –be mother from verbal attacks, social stigmas and negative situations and news enable the child in womb grow mentally and physically strong and wise.
• The members of the family should heed the dictum: ANALYSIS IS PARALYSIS.
• Over analyzing the situations, events and creating panic does affect the mother and the child.
• It should be kept in mind that what mother eats, feels and listens affects the child in the womb.
• Elders in the family should take proper precautions to avoid any unpleasant situations in front of the would-be mother.
• Special care should be taken by the elders to make the mother-to-be happy and smile and not create such incidents and circumstances as may affect her mind adversely.
• Violent behaviour and violent situations should be escaped by the would-be mother.* Would be mother should read holy books, listen to holy hymns visualize holy figures from history.

3. Post Delivery Precaution:
Coming of the child in a family irrespective of gender should be celebrated. Elders: change your attitude towards females. They are in no way less than your males.
Child is a child and must be welcomed in this world. Don’t start hating and don’t hate the females.

Elders love kissing and over caring the newly born kids. The child is not that immune from the infections. Control and save your newly born kid.
Mother’s milk is nectar to the child. Minimum for the first 6 months, the child needs it. This keeps the child immune to illness in coming years of life.
Replacement to mother’s milk is cow’s milk.

I am not a doctor. I just know and have shared with you all.

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