Saturday, May 21, 2011


I used to feel aggressiveness in my nervous system and my behaviour with others was said to be arrogant. Loud talking, winning an argument and losing a friend or good relation were my bad habits. And above all, for all this I did not feel any remorse and held others responsible for any wrong behavour.

But from the inside, I felt it is wrong and I should manage it. Yesterday, an Ayurveda from JIVA Ayurved centre was talking on a TV channel perhaps Care World. He gave very simple remedy to manage anger to a caller on phone.

The remedy I practiced and found today that I am in control of my voice and behaviour. The burning sensation in my brain nerves is calm.

I bought a small bottle of almond oil (Badam Rogan) and a nasal dropper.

• I dropped a few drops of almond oil in my nostrils yesterday evening.
• I again dropped the oil today morning .
• I have found that my head is calm and I feel talking to others with a smile
than talk arrogantly.
• What an easy and effective way to manage anger! What I could not do for so many years, that I achieved overnight. Wonder!

My observation: The oil has worked on my nervous system as mobile oil works on the parts of the engine of car. I will continue for many days so that I may become totally tolerant of others and the circumstances. Situations and circumstances are 10% rest 90% is our reaction to the situation and circumstances.

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jik said...

I think what going inside is the main factor of anger. I don't know the role of almond oil, but breathing techniques can do wonders in managing anger and stress, if you get the control over your correct breathing according to situations.A lot of practice is necessary. May be someday I will learn how to do it like a master.