Sunday, December 12, 2010


A small squirrel was in the service of king of the jungle – the lion. Every animal of the jungle was astonished at the swiftness and enthusiasm with which the tiny squirrel served the lion. The dedication of the squirrel also made animals around the king jealous. What was the reason behind this service was a question that troubled the minds of many animals. But they never dared to ask the squirrel this mentally bubbling question. They always feared that the tiny squirrel will tell this to the lion and the questioner will be taken to task by the king.

Many days passed by and one night when the tiny squirrel was having dinner with other squirrels confessed to its companions, “ The king has promised me 10 bagfuls of akhrot (walnuts)- the much liked fruit for we squirrels. I always dream of eating akhrots(walnut) but can’t find any around here.” The companions nodded in agreement. “This is the reason I am putting in so hard to serve the king. I don’t intend to annoy the king. King scolds and frets at me, but I keep mum thinking about the promised akhrots. I many times miss my meals. This is bad. I know but I am sure that I shall be enjoying the akhrots in return in future. All gains have pains,” the tiny squirrel appeared to be suggestive to the other ones.

Days went by and the tiny squirrel grew old. One day the king spoke to the squirrel, “You have grown old and I have decided to retire you. I wish you enjoy your post retirement life. So, from next month you will be retired from the service. I am grateful to you for serving me for all these years.” Squirrel was happy to listen these words from the king. Now the squirrel started dreaming of the day of retirement and 10 bagfuls of akhrots( walnuts) – the much liked dry fruit by squirrels. Many times, when the squirrel slept, it went on licking its mouth as if it had broken the nut and eaten the dry fruit inside it.

Finally, the day of retirement came. King invited other animals and arranged a big see-off party. The senior animals garlanded the squirrel. Squirrel was very happy. As promised, the king gave as gift of 10 bagfuls of akhrots to the squirrel and spoke a few words in appreciation of its services. Squirrel arranged for ferrying the bagfuls of akhrots to its house. It was very happy moment for the squarrel. At last, it had had what was dreamt of for so many years. Other squirrels also helped and joined it.

Now the squirrel opened one bag and wanted to break a nut but could not do so. Its teeth were not strong enough to break the nut. Despite best efforts, squirrel could not succeed and became morose. Young squirrels were breaking, eating and enjoying the akhrots quickly The long wait for years for the promised akhrots was a source of happiness for a while. The old squirrel became sad and lay on the bed without eating a single akhrot.


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Kate said...

Ok that's sad story of the squirrel , it wasn't fair whatever happened to the squirrel at the end . I think the young squirrels should break open the nut for the old squirrel.
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