Sunday, May 16, 2010


Truth generates and creates sunshine in the life of an individual. It provides a ladder to human life to reach its zenith. It also protects the self-respect and self-image of the truth seeker and practitioner. Moral strength increases with the practice of truth. Falsehood has a short life.

One more fact about truth. The practioner of truth is always fearless. His mind is never cluttered with clumsy and wavering thoughts. Designing of evil projects and weaving cobwebs of thoughts is alian to truth practioner. Truth results in ever-lasting peace and prosperity as energy is not wated on falsehood.

Humans of truth have been able to achieve unthinkable successes and achievements in the history of human evolution. Truth and surrender are the two pillars upon which great successes have been achieved. The happiness which comes from the actions based on truth cannot be described in words. It can only be felt by the peerson who practises truth.

Human dignity is standing on the pedastal of truth. Falsehood leads to fall in real life.
Falsehood is the biggest enemy of an individual. Falsehood is short lived and does not help even the practitioner. Public criticism and loss of reputation are the two most notorious results of falsehood. Falsehood leads an individual to personal and social decline. One should avoid falsehood at any cost in life. Life is a great gift of Nature. Respect it. Love it. Protect it.
Celebrate it. Lead it in a pious way.

Contrary to this, truth is the invaluable asset of human life. Truth brings welfare to all in the society.