Tuesday, March 24, 2009



Some times we face an amusing question: Where do we belong? Before we go in quest of answer, we must realize that we belong to ourselves. We are an island within ourselves. That island can be as barren as rocks on the moon or as fruitful as an orchard or a beautiful countryside. It is within us to make of ourselves what we want to be – creatively, not destructively. You train for your goals, but they must be realistic, not dreams beyond your reach.
During moments of stress and tension, we can take a vacation. We can take this vacation every day for a few moments and it costs nothing. The daily vacation is within you, in the room of your mind. Go on this vacation when pressures are great. Relax for a few minutes, let go of the tensions, renew your energies for the problems before you.
Isn’t it wonderful to be an island within yourself briefly? But you do not stay that way. You belong to yourself, no doubt, but you also belong to the world. ‘Happiness’ lies within the world, not totally within yourself. Prepare yourself to create a perfect rhythm between these two. You realize that you need the help of others as they need yours. Man reaches his true big self when he shares his success and his big self with others. He shares his courage with others when times are tough, when there is pressure. He stands up for himself and for others, turning a crisis into an opportunity. The world is full of crisis, and we are here to help each other rise above them, to reach fulfillment, and sooner or later, the Brotherhood of Man.

*(Posted from “Wisdom” February, 2009 issue. The writer is the founder and editor of “Wisdom” a monthly magazine.)

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