Tuesday, March 17, 2009


By Sehaj**
Once there was a girl name Rose. She tried hard in everything. But achieved nothing. She worked hard till day and night to study, think about her future and career. Although, she was hard-working but she was deaf and a mute girl.
Once, some one told her(by the sign communication) that if she drinks water and cleans her ears with the fountains of great Church of Greece, she would be totally fine.
But that was a lie. No matter everyone tried to stop her but her ideas were strong and lively. The doctors told that she could never be fine as she was deaf and mute by birth.
She didn’t believe in the doctors and went to Greece.
She was so scared that when she drank the water and cleaned her ears with it, she was surprised. What a magic! What a miracle, she said. I am totally fine and I am so happy that now I can speak and hear and need no more to use my hands everytime to communicate. When she went to the doctors, they were shocked. Now they knew what she believed, she really-really worked hard to achieve it. When she went back to her country, she thanked her Lord Jesus and the boy who told her to do this.
When he came to know that by doing what he said ( a lie) she became fine. He felt sorry for her and told her the truth. She couldn’t believe her ears. Now she understood why the doctors didn’t believe her.

** Sehaj is aged 10 years and is studying in 5th class. She wrote the story on 31st January, 2008. Her feelings are appreciated. Paper landed in my hand and hence is ready for the world to read and appreciate.


vaneet kundra said...

Good one. You have lot of mental wealth.

Nirmla Kapila said...

wonderfull, true and thanx for reminding me .sometimes we know something but not beleave telling by good people like u our faith returns so thanx a lot i am buisy thease days also for 3--4 days more after that i will read your all posts