Thursday, February 5, 2009


By Harish Dhillon

WITH the plethora of books published recently, on the art of living and wellbeing, there are many formulas for leading a happy life. A friend, however, has evolved his own formula.

We were both students at Lucknow University and came together during the production of a radio play for an inter-university youth festival- I wrote the script, he read the main part. I was impressed by his quiet dignity and of course, his powerful voice. We became friends and I took to dropping in when he rehearsed for his many theatrical performances. In spite of being the best actor in the group, he was content with whatever role the director gave him and brought to each a passionate dedication. We were all convinced that his great talent would soon come to be widely recognized.

But destiny thought otherwise. He fell in love with a girl from another community and the situation threatened to take an ugly communal turn. The young couple eloped and he found a job with a travel agency. Things were made more difficult by the impending arrival of a baby. But through all the turmoil, he retained his calm and serenity and with his great diligence he rose steadily in the office hierarchy. There was an improvement in his life-style, too, but with two school-going children, the financial situation remained precarious.

Then he set up a travel agency of his own. Here he created innovated opportunities for enlarging his business. A large number of Buddhist pilgrims who visited India from Thailand had language difficulties. He sent his secretary to Thailand to learn the language: practically every Thai tourist now came through his agency.

Contrary to the common perception, not all Americans tourists are huge spenders.
his specifically designed economy packages for young Thai tourists were fully subscribed for the next 10 years, by which time he had become a multi-millionaire.

If he felt any regret at losing out on his acting, he did not show it. Then, suddenly, he sold his travel agency and moved to Bombay to try his luck in films. In four years, he appeared in dozens of films but in very brief roles. He seemed happy and content.

But he did not lose his ability to create opportunities. He invited me to a performance where, on a bare stage, with the spotlights focused on him, he launched into the story of Sohrab and Rustom. He used his powerful voice with mesmerizing effect and a spell bound hush descended on the hall. As he drew to the climax there were not many dry eyes in the audience. The end was greeted with loud and sustained applause.

His formula in a happy life lay in striking a balance between a dignified, serene acceptance of what destiny gave him, on the one hand and a passionate search and pursuit of opportunity on the other.

(Courtesy: The Tribune of 4th February 2009)

What I learnt from this article.

Everybody is blessed with a unique Gift called talent, very few identify and dare to open it.
Problems are part of life. They should not bog us down. We should use them as stepping stones for success i.e. what we want in life..
We should balance the life in pain and pleasure.
Dignity builds a better and happy life.
Positive attitude, ability to search and pursue the opportunity brings the improvement and happiness in life.
Every soul will go to the place it belongs to. Means soul is not satisfied till it achieves the goal or what it wants i.e. we should make our passion our profession and surely we will never tire. We should keep trying applying our awareness, knowledge, prayer and consciousness. we will achieve our goal and feel satisfied in life.
We should avoid controlling people and circumstances, the nature will support us in achieving our goal more easily.

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