Friday, January 30, 2009


Good books
are like
blessings from God.
They change us
without any rebuke or slap.
Reading is a silent encounter of two remote minds.
If you want real success in life,
you need to read exhaustively to understand the roots
of your problems
and finding solutions to them
permanently and perfectly.
This cannot be done by asking others
including your creator.
Believe it:
God helps those who help themselves.
If you want change in others's behaviour, give them books and other reading material or written note. Don't waste your energy in talking, arguring, scolding or repremanding.


Nirmla Kapila said...

thank you very much for good advice and exelent post in future also iwant to read your post thanx a lot

Prof Keshap said...

Thannks for your fine comments,honourable madam. Keep reading and commenting. I shall buy your books and read them.