Wednesday, December 31, 2008


· Cross hands over chest and rotate them.
· Hold a stick behind the neck and rotate the trunk.
· Standing back towards the wall, sliding arms on the wall.
· Prone-raise both arms.
· Wall push-ups.
· Rowing exercise with stretch hand.
· Shoulder shrugs(with barbell/band)
· Lateral rows-holding band and raising sideways.

The neck and upper back region is an extremely complex area of the body because of many joints working in coordination.
Most treatments usually are not effective as they only address the symptoms not the cause of the affliction. Hence exercise is advised.

(Based on the article of Dr. Ravinder Chadha – a pain management doctor at Chandigarh. Dr. may be contacted at email: The article was published in The Tribune of 31st 2008.)

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