Friday, November 7, 2008



Books are the best friends, philosopher, guide, motivator and mentor. Most of the intellectuals of the world accept this fact. Millions of books have been written by the men of high intellect throughout the world. These books, inspire, guide and motivate the people who read, recite or listen to them.

Nobody can sit, talk and advise you for such a long time as books can. Nobody can entertain at the odd hours of the day i.e. midnight when a good book can be of great help.
Reading of good book in the bed leads to sound sleep and avoids sleeplessness. Our prayers are also in the form of good books. Books live beyond the physical age of the writer. We read holy Bhagwat Gita, Ramayana, Bible. Who wrote them and when were they written is not known to us. But they inspire and guide us.

Success in business can also be registered by reading the intricacies of business skills from and auto-biographies of successful businessmen.

Books are good, books are bad. Bad books destroy humans, good books elevate humans from kaam kender (centre of passion) to gyan kender( centre of knowledge). The former is the lowest level of human living whereas the latter is the highest level of human living. Life is a school to move from lowest to highest.

Good books are like incarnation of gods that improve a human being without the knowledge to the world around or at large. They enable the person to refrain from illegal, illicit and sinful acts. Reading of good books makes transforms a man to human, a human to super human. We can never have chance to sit with Mr. Bill Gates, Dr. Manmohan Singh, Dr. A.P.J. Kalam, but we can read their good views that have been written in their books. These thoughts and views give us motivation and insight. After reading the thoughts written by Mahatma Gandhi, Abrahm Lincon and many other big successful personalities of the world, we can elevate our mental level to make this world a better place to live.

By only reading, we can be aware about the law of our land (country). Law is handiwork of millions of people over a million of years. It is not a one man’s job over one day. Human mind cannot grasp all of law in a single lecture. It needs thorough study.
Love to read and collection of the books is the true university. Read and benefit. Fear, mental friction and frowns don’t go from a human mind until and unless they are removed by real knowledge which is contained in books. Internet is also one source to learn and read more.

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