Thursday, November 20, 2008




In addition to your qualification and skills, in this era of corporate culture, your outward personality plays an important role in your professional life. Your profession requires that you need to pay right attention to your personal grooming.

Globalization demands right personality presentation for the job. A receptionist should be smiling and presentable. Outward personality sends a soothing sensation in the minds of the people we interact in our daily lives.

Employee's personality is directly related to job performance. In fact, a research has shown the importance of personality grooming especially in the field of sales, finance and public relation. The research further says that people in these fields make their job easier by 30-40% only due to their personality and personal grooming.

A finance executive states that he meets 10-20 people daily in connection with his job and many of the clients give the business only due to the personal grooming. They become the permanent clients due to personality.

Personality expert exerts that many people infer the meaning of personality as "good looks"; but this is not true.

Under personality comes:

- Good looks
- Dress Sense
- Hair Style
- Attitude
- Communication Skills

- Eye Contact
- Body Language ( especially when sitting and getting up)

Your strong personality enhances your confidence level and your attitude grows "positive".

  • Front office people must have pleasing, presentable, social, active personality. But there is another side of the coin, people working behind the curtain do not give much attention to the personality.

  • Always wear neat and clean, well ironed clothes in the office.
  • If you are allowed to wear casual clothes in your office, take care that you do not wear T-shirts with absurd slogans.
  • Clothes should not be common also.
  • Perfume or deo derant used should be such as may not affect the senses of others and invite comments-silent or loud.
  • The males take special care for their shaves.
  • Employees should also be careful about their hair-style.
  • Avoid colouring or dyeing of the hair.
  • Simple belts should be used.
  • Big and eccentric buckles of the belts be avoided.
  • Do not use hat in the office.
  • Use good looking portfolio or briefcase while going to office instead of hand bag or polythene bag.

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