Friday, August 4, 2017

Learn Everyday

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Learn something everyday.

1. Researches show that if a person reads something fresh and positive for 6 minutes everyday , the person overcomes 68% of her/his STRESS - the silent killer.

2. Reading and writing whatever you feel and it will relieve your choked mind of old rotten past feelings that keep on burdening your mind all the time and you will feel light mentally.

3. An administrator wrote a book by working in an organisation for about 25 years.

4. Her colleague asked:                     How will it benefit you in terms of money?

5. The quick reply came:

I damn care for the benefits in terms of money. I have enough money to live and survive for 30 more years. But writing the book has lightened my mind that was pre-occupied with old bad troubling memories right from my birth.

Now I feel afresh and real.

 Earlier I was in the state of MIND FULLNESS  and now I feel my  MINDFULness (real awareness) has gone up. Contemplation and day dreaming is reduced and reality is visible.    

 I am more real now.

 People around me say " I am becoming more practical."

So, I have got so many emotional benefits by writing a book. Why should I expect monetary benefits?

The colleague left the scene dumb and convinced.

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