Sunday, December 11, 2016


Attention: Google

Thank you for your notice. I am 59 and don't know about computer as when I got education, there was no computers. Hence, I don't know about cookies. I use the computer at internet cafe or at other places or friends. I don't have my own computer. I have been blogging for the past over 8 years but not a single dime has been received.

Advertisement is not needed. My work is confined to Ludhiana city only. Why do I need advertisement throughout world? 

Yes I can blog in Hindi but fixed remuneration should be there. I wish to work as a Freelancer. No service or target.

One thing is more, the comment tab should be "disabled" so that no body may comment filthily and post unwanted pornography.

This is blog of a professor. For a professor, all the readers throughout world are students irrespective of caste, creed, color or nationality.  I don't allow any wrong element cross the street  but on the sites I write, hackers hack and post filthy pictures and this troubles. I don't know about computers. In my mobile phone, there were about 500 photographs, 450 were removed. I feel I am slave to mobiles and internet. I insert pamphlets and my phone is blocked and response is zero.

So, in nutshell,
1. I can blog in Hindi but on remuneration. or it should be FREE so that I may not expect anything.
2. Comment"be disabled".
3. I don't know what is cookies. I just open and type.

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