Saturday, September 3, 2016

ICFMCF-16 at IIT Madras


I was invited by IIT, Madras to participate in International Conference on Financial Markets and Corporate Finance on 12 and 13th August, 2016.

I attended the conference.

It was an  excellent learning experience to listen to the erudite professors from the USA.

More than 200 Ph.D students presented their papers and their presentations were conducted in hall 1 to VIII of IIT, Madras.

What drew my attention was :

1. The ambiance was excellent. It was just like passing through a safari.

2. The deer, the monkeys were moving freely on the roads and administrative department.

3. The statue of elephants were there on the circle near to our conference hall.

This all made me think more. I inferred from this:

1. The learner in IIT, Madras will develop a heart of tolerance for technology and natural habitat and love for animals. And this learning will make her/him a person to retain balance in technological advancements and natural habitat.

2. Planet earth belongs to animals, birds and humans alike.

3. Elephant is an epitome of strength and love. The man should  develop a personality like elephant and not like lion. Elephant moves in busy cities and children do not fear but enjoy its ride. People come and touch and feel good. Same should be our personality.          Contrary to this: lion is an epitome of power.

When lion roars, all the animals in the jungle feel threatened and start running. No animal comes near to lion fearing that it can prey on the animal.

And lion, though considered strong, dies starved and alone.   Similarly, the humans who wield power of wealth or any thing else do not leave a legacy but leave the world isolated and alone.

Lion though considered powerful lives and dies always wanting. Lion does not enjoy the life, but takes it as a race and keep running and in the end too feels exhausted and frustrated.

So, the virtues of elephant should be imbibed in one's personality. This is what I learnt from those statues.        

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