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Mentor plays a very vital role in the life of a learner.

Learn, unlearn and relearn are the 3 stages that come in the life of a learner.

1, Formal learning is done in schools/colleges/universities or attending skill development programs. Informal learning happens from the elders and siblings in the family. Experience with real life situations and events also gives the indelible learning.

2. In school and colleges, many subjects and many aspects of idealist life are learnt. But when faced with reality of the world, a lot of difference is found. Adaptation to the real world practices is then felt. Unlearning of greater part of knowledge is then done. Or lot of confrontation, confusion, stress, frustration caused by theory vs. practical happens. Hence, unlearning skill and focusing on the real demand of the real world that requires tact for presentation of the knowledge gives the real results.

3. Wise say : money is the religion of the wise. For earning 3 stages are there: saraswati - i.e. acquiring knowledge, ganesha - i.e. taming and trimming the knowledge to fit the area of your choice of work,   then 3rd comes i.e. Lakshami (Money) Yes when true humility is practised despite having wealth, the person is incarnated in the hearts of the humans.

4, Re-learn: Acquiring knowledge is just an entry into the business or job. Real learning is working in the business or job. It comes through re-learning i.e. focusing, focusing, focusing, reading, reading, knowing, knowing, knowing, translating that knowing into understanding and understanding into real action. No action. No use. Generally, 3 kinds of personalities have been found on the basis of action and words.

4,1 They just assimilate information and keep on presenting to others without listening to them. Their mantra of life is : say, tell, say, tell and don't listen.

4.2 They just tell, say less and listen more. They gain from the knowledge of others. Then they apply the knowledge and gain. They say, listen and act.

4,3 They are great listeners. They listen and gain knowledge. AND DO. TAKE ACTION. THEY ARE THE BEST. THEY ARE THE ACHIEVERS. Knowing helps, But knowing alone does not change life. IT IS DOING THAT CHANGES LIFE.


This course is like learning "how to cycle" Any body who can drive cycle, scooter, car etc. can learn English Speaking in our course.

90%            (You read, speak and write)
10%            (We guide, counsel, mentor, appreciate, motivate and inspire)

And you become confident to speak English in 2 months. Mind Power makes you so.


1. Removes fear i.e. imaginary or mental. Real fears are rare. Mostly fears are imaginary gathered from the environment we live in.

2. Plans for your career and life.

3. He  helps with his wise, experienced advice and motivating counselling.

4. He motivates, appreciates and encourages you to achieve more.

5,  He does  not discourage you.

6.  He is true partner in your true success.

7.  He lets you know your hidden strengths i.e. untapped inner powers. All are unique.

8.  He are positive and make you think positive. Positive thinking creates opportunities in life, makes life happy. Negative thinking is virus that destroys opportunities in life. A negative mind sees difficulty in every opportunity while a positive mind sees opportunity in every difficulty.

9. They say: Brain is the engine of the train called body. So, focus more to correct the brain (hardware) and mind (software) to keep the body fit, hale and hearty.

10. Mentor helps you understand setbacks to success and how to handle them in future.

11. Mentor teaches you how to handle the errors committed in the past that have generated "guilt" and blocking your success.

12, Self-help is the best help. Others just help. It is you who have to change and act, Nothing can be achieved if habits and routine is not changed. Mental change helps in leading change but real change in life comes through "Action Taken"

13. Written intentions with date are goals. Otherwise, they are intentions. Intentions are like bubbles in the rain water.

14. Mentor makes the journey of life and success easier and helps you reach your destination in less time through his guidance, motivation and inspiration. For example: 40 years experience is taught in 40 hrs training.

15, He trains you to remain positive and self-motivated when you face setbacks in real life attempts.

16. He trains you to turn meaning of negative words into positive messages in the mind so that you may remain motivated and keep struggling for achieving what you want to achieve in life e.g. FAIL= First Attempt in Learning,     END = Efforts never die        NO =  Next opportunity.

17. Emotions play a vital role in achieving success. Mentor helps in turning negative emotions into positive powers.

This is that English that is spoken and written in countries like USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, UK etc. This is simple and powerful because each and every word is understood by the reader.

 It is conversational and communicative English, rarely taught in schools/colleges. So, join to learn International English Speaking and writing.

Regular Course:  5 days a week. 1 hr class. 40 hrs course over 2 months. (Only one course:  Certificate course in English and Mind Power)

SUNDAY SCHOOL: For working people who cannot join regular class. During week they work in office or business and on Sunday they will attend the class. Class on Sunday alone. 2 hrs for 40 hrs over 20 Sundays.

Job Oriented Courses Offered: (SUNDAY SCHOOL)

1. Certificate course in English and Mind Power (for Business Correspondence Skills)

2. Certificate course in Reception and Front Office Skills

3. Certificate course in Sales and Marketing Skills

Who can join?

Min:      Any matriculate from Punjabi/Hindi or English medium SCHOOL.

Max.:    Any graduate/post graduate/degree/diploma holder or professional like C.A, C.S, MBA, MCA etc.

What you get FREE with the courses.

1. Research based Practical English Speaking Book
2. Research based Practical Pocket Book for practice anytime and anywhere.
3. Audio Cds for revision at home.
4. Workbook for practicing Powerful English Writing.
5. Certificate
6. Identity Card of the institute.
7. Booklet by Prof P.K.Keshap - Self-Grooming for Success.

Note: Mind Power course is Free but Mind Power Music  cassette/CD and Mind Power Study Technique book is paid.

Benefits of the courses:

1. You will get better job/promotion.
2. You will gain better control on business. English is power.
3. You will become universal i.e. you will be able to write and speak to most of the people in the world.
4. You will create your own personality and fulfill your dreams.
5. More.............................................

Language and its importance in life:

A. Punjabi is spoken in Punjab and is our mother tongue. It means Punjabi speaking people have job opportunities in Punjab only.

B. Hindi is our national language and spoken in India alone. It means Hindi speaking or writing people can have opportunities in some states of India.

C. English is an international language. It is spoken and written in majority of the countries of the world. ENGLISH IS POWER.    Asian Development Bank report says: Those who write English and speak English earn 3-5 times more than non-English speaking people.

What our students say:

1. Sir, I studied in Punjabi medium school in a village. I did B.Com in Punjabi medium. I was married in Ludhiana. Now I am 33. I have 2 kids. I told my husband on our marriage anniversary that my dream of life was to do M.A. (English). I joined your course and completed it in 2 months. Now in 2 years I am M.A(English) . I scored 58% marks in Part I and 63% in Part II. Mind Power and Meditation is very good. I really love them. They build the inner powers. Yes, as you say, self-help is the best help. I thank you.

2. Sir, I am +2 from Punjabi medium school in a village. I got about 80% marks in +2 from Punjab School Education Board. I applied for Bank Clerks exam. I failed 3 times. My father got angry and threw my luggage out of the house. I came to Ludhiana with tears in my eyes. I joined a factory and worked there for Rs. 4000/- per month. I had come to know that I was failing due to my weak English. I joined 2/3 institutes.  But no improvement in English. One day, while travelling in 3 wheeler, one professor who was your student, told me to join your course. I joined. After 2 months, I took the exam and passed the Bank Clerical exam successfully. I thank you from the core of my heart. Mind Power course is very powerful course. Your encouragement boosted my confidence. Your words: What is holding you to achieve anything in life? You and your books are there. Keep reading, reading, revising and in the end you will become master. Success will be yours. I just followed this. Now I will earn more than Rs. 1 crore in life time. 35 years service. 2.50 lacs every year salary. Pranam.

Negative vs. positive evaluation.

A student wrote an essay of about 400 words which was the requirement of the test. But he committed some mistakes. In totality, only 20 words were wrong. It means 95% was correct. But the checker used red pen and pointed these 20 wrong words. It discouraged the brilliant to the extent that he lost interest in the studies and remained less educated throughout life. 33% make a person pass in an exam but 95% made him fail. Why ? Because checker's mindset was negative.  Students are like uncut diamonds. Every student need to be trimmed, developed and polished so that the student may become diamond.



Serious students should visit personally.

“अगर एक व्यक्ति को मालूम ही नहीं कि उसे किस बंदरगाह की ओर जाना है, तो हवा की हर दिशा उसे अपने विरुद्ध ही प्रतीत होगी।”

“If a man does not know to which port he is steering, no wind is favourable to him.”
Seneca - the great Greek philosopher.

हमारा जनून 

अापको अंगेजी बोलना लिखना सिखाना ता कि अाप जीवन में अागे जा सकें।  अाप अंग्रेज़ी से 

घबराएँ नहीं। English is power . Learn from the expert. 

Knowledge is multiplied when shared.

Believe it: You are more intelligent and powerful than what others tell. What you know matters more than what you do. 

Note: I use images from Google images. If anybody's copyright is trampled, it may be brought to my notice and the same will be deleted. No intentions to violate anybody's copyright. 
जिंदगी मेे पीछे रहने या सपने पूरे न होनें का कारण : एक दिमागी रोग: क्या कहेंगे लो्ग  . लो्ग हमेशा कुछ न कुछ कहते ही रहते हैं ,करने बाले करते रहते हैं चुपचाप। 

THINK BIG. THINK HARD. KEEP AN EVIDENTIAL JOURNAL. HANG AROUND POSITIVE THINKERS AND ENCOURAGING PEOPLE. Work hard, have patience, wait a while and best results of your choice. Use your untapped unlimited inner power i.e. creative visualization. Plan for 1, 2,3, 4, 5............. Don't fret or regret what you are today. Think what you can be after 1,2,3,4,5, .................. when you are skilled. Develop your skills. 


A day spent with a good teacher is better than reading 1000 books. says a former student (M.Sc., B.Ed)


Regular or Sunday School to upgrade your skills.

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