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Vacations : Every body loves to go on vacations. Vacations refresh and energise. Kids and school going children for whole of the year keep on waiting for summer or winter holidays so that they may go on vacations. Plans, planning, discussions, rejection of plans, replanning and then executing the plan are all parts of vacation.

What a great pleasure!

We go on vacation to have some peace and soothing experiences out of busy life, hectic life.

But here are some people, who love to spend their vacations with their relatives generally maternal uncles family or grandparents. Even they keep on calling and inviting throughout the year.

Living and spending vacations with them gives some bitter experiences also. Instead of full pleasure, pleasure is curtailed on account of difference of opinions or perception vs. reality about the time to be spent there.

Here is an advice from a wise family: we go on a pilgrimage and spend 3-4 days there exclusively enjoying there the serenity, the company of the devotees, good feelings, good people all around. Lot of peace descends.

Sometimes we go and spend 1/2 the vacations with our relatives and grandparents. Even then the half of vacations are spent at a pilgrimage in nature's lap. This really improves health. We feel we have made best use of wealth.

I really liked this. 

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