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In life, there are BIG challenges and small challenges. If BIG challenges are taken care of, small challenges or problems are solved automatically.

So, to be better and light in life, one should focus on BIG challenges or problems and solve them. In management it is called 80:20 pareto method. Means that BIG problems need your 20 per cent time and 80% problems are solved whereas small problems account for 20 per cent but eat away 80 per cent time.

Choice lies with you. Whether to focus on 80% or 20% in life.

Here is an example: A professor was giving the demo of this 80:20 pareto method.

He took out a jar of glass. Placed it on the table. Now he took out some big pieces of stone and put them in the jar, Jar was full and its cover was not fitting it. Professor asked the students: Is there any space to put something more in the jar. The loud reply was: No, sir.

Professor took small pebbles and put the same in the jar. The small pebbles were fitted well in the jar. Again the same question: Is there any space to put anything more in the jar? Again the loud reply: No, sir.         "Good", Professor said.

He took out a handful of sand and dropped in the jar. The sand settled in the jar well.
All the students were awe stricken.

So, what you learn., dear students.

Jar is your mind. If you fill with big problems and say: No more space, then you are wrong. Mind has a large space to accommodate many more things. It is you, who says: It is enough. Stretch yourself and see the wonder your mind can do for you.

Next he empties the jar and places it on the table.

This time fills the jar with sand i.e. small problems of life. The jar was full up to the top. No space was there.

Now what have you learnt students: If you will fill your mind with solving little and small problems of life, the big problems will not have space for solution in your mind and throughout life you will keep on thinking that I am troubled and troubles don't leave. In reality, you have not known the root of the troubles yourself and keep focussing on the branches of troubles.

So, focus to solve the  BIGGEST problems of life first.
Then  priority is : BIGGER, BIG, SMALL, SMALLER AND SMALLEST problem.

You will enjoy the life.

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