Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dream fulfilled

Success dreamt
Success designed
Success achieved

This is a story of a village girl. She was married to a guy in the city. The story is real.

On the day of her 31st Birthday, her husband asked her "what would you like as a gift on your birthday?" Humble, meek slow but morose voice came back: I want to do M.A English.

She had completed her B.Com in local language in the village. Her father was a teacher. Now she had family - elder daughter of about 4 years lying on the bed and getting treatment for nervous breakdown and a son aged about 2 years.

The husband listened well and consoled her. He said: Fine you will do. But she was not sure. So she replied: I don't know English as I had local language as medium of instruction.

Husband reassured: No issue, my uncle will teach you English.

In May 2013, both came to the teacher/trainer/mentor. The trainer assured her of success. 2 months English foundation course was advised. The girl I mean the woman was very excited. Every day she was learning new techniques and improving because she had understood that the best results will come not from coaching but from self learning.

She worked very hard. She performed well. She learnt Mind Power Techniques and Self-discipline techniques to achieve anything in life. Right Sustained efforts were the key to achieve the right results.

When the course was over, she expressed the desire to go for M.A English. Husband agreed readily and the trainer/motivator guided her to take the admission in M.A English through distance learning mode.

Trainer/motivator forgot everything about this girl. But the day before yesterday i.e. 28th April, 2015
after about 2 years, she met on the road, driving her scooter while bringing her son from the school.

She stopped. She bowed her head to the teacher and told the entire story. She was very happy rather overwhelmed while telling the story of her SUCCESS in M.A. English part 1. Now she was a student of M.A. English Part II.

She heaved a sigh of relief and had in her eyes gratitude for the teacher/trainer/motivator as he was instrumental in making her GROW in life.

Touching someone's life  really pays a great dividend throughout life.


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