Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Life direction


(to 4 kids of slum dwellers).


I remember the day about 2 years back on which 3 little boys of the age of 6-7 years came to my home and knocked the door asking for alms.


I made them sit inside my office housed in my house.


They were very happy to sit on chairs.



Then I started lecturing them.


“Begging is a bad thing in this world. You are young children, gift of God. Why don’t you do something and go to schools?”


“Our parents are poor labor and they do not send us to school. Rather they ask us to beg and bring money. Father drinks a lot and mother quarrels a lot.” The youngest one told.


“Go and tell your parents we want to attend school.”


“Uncle on the name of school, papa starts beating, mother starts weeping.” Another one replied.


“Ok then don’t beg but do business.”


“Business!” All were looking towards one another in awe struck surprise.


“Yes, business.”


“But how can we do that. We don’t have money?” One of them said.


“Ok I will give you money.”


Next day I found the small kids sitting outside my door.

I came out and asked them to come inside. They did as directed.


They told me :

You were telling about business.

 Yes! Business.


I made 2 of them sit on my scooter and one stood in the front.
We went to the market, bought sugar canes from the market.
20 for Rs. 100/- . The vendor gave them 22 .
I told them : Now sit and sell for Rs. 10 each.
They sat whole of the day. They were smiling and laughing.
It was a new experience of useful life.

 And  by the evening all pcs of sugar canes were sold.

All the kids were very happy. Directly, the came to my home and reported like disciplined soldiers that they have sold all the sugarcanes. They were dancing and smiling. 

They had Rs. 220/- in total.
They earned profit of Rs. 120/-
Returned my Rs. 100/- and kept another Rs. 100/- with me for future business.
Rs. 20/ - they took for their own spending and enjoying.


They were very happy because today they had experienced new life of self-pride.
No abuses. No slaps from the people they begged from.


Whenever they met me  during these 2 years,  I encouraged them to go to school.


After 2 years:

They met me today at about 6.30 pm.

They met me and asked for note books and pencils.
I hugged them tightly and kissed them on the head saying :
"I am very happy you have joined school."


They told me further:
They were offered drugs by someone but they refused. "Very good", was my reply.
Now they go to temple too daily.


My eyes went up          to thank God.
I felt that small souls are now on the right track of life.
They will become responsible citizens.
Now no power on Earth can make them bad or criminals.
Their right consciousness is their guard. They need none to guide them now.
They now know what is "wrong" and what is "right" for them.

Drugs are the worst. Going to temple and living in the company of the good people itself is step towards "righteousness" and "spirituality".

The light of the consciousness has lighted in their minds.


They bought note books, pencils and erasers.

It all cost Rs. 170/- for 4 sets for 4 tiny tots.


They further told me that they are now asking all other children in their “Behra” ( the small houses or place where migratory poor labor lives) to go to school. School is a good place for children.


I was feeling happy:

I have got 4 messengers for spreading the message of goodness and education among tiny tots.

They have a long life to spread this message. Thank God – the merciful protector of ALL.



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