Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Pain andGain

Born to be Consumed.
Don't fear the pain.
For in it there is much to gain.

Let these bloods be bled.
Let these words be said.

Allow the prick to pierce.
Allow the spirit, fierce.

Only a soul who died,
Shut down, alone, can't cry.

Won't allow themselves to feel.
Haven't lived, nor are they real.

No longer am I wombed!
I'm born to be consumed!

Have my heart, betroth.
Apathy is such a sloth.

It lies to waste ones soul.
The heart, an empty hole!

So fill my heart your stain.
And let the blood flow, drain.

Hide not in chasten shame.
Oh, burn eternal flame!
             Shared by Sandie Wyllie

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