Sunday, June 1, 2014







             On the planet Earth, there are living and non-living things. Among the most important of living are humans, animals, birds, trees etc.


            Feeding humans is primary for which the entire world’s systems and mechanism is working. Feeding birds is important because they also need food to eat and water to drink.


          But feeding dogs is very important. And for this small gesture cosmos pays back in manifolds. Why? Because birds can fly and search for their food but as regards dogs, they cannot cook their food. They have no option but to keep on visiting the door after door with the hope that the door opener will give food. They seem helpless. That’s why we find the dogs always running.  When food is given to dogs they remember the giver and when the giver is seen in the street or other places, they   show their happiness and gratitude by wagging their tails.


A driver of the tempo shared this. I went to my spiritual teacher and asked “Guruji my work is down and I am finding it difficult to earn two square meals for my kids.”


Guruji answered: Feed the dogs and see the result.


The driver fed the dogs and told me that he earned 5-6 times more than he used to earn. Blessings of the happy dogs went up to  God and desires of the driver were fulfilled.


So, feed the dogs and see your desires fulfilled. Since olden days, this is passed by our grand parents: Dog saves the family that rears it.

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