Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Stress Management.


For the past many days I was feeling stressed and consulted doctors and many other healers. But the mental stress did not subside.

Yesterday, I wished to be a carpenter. I took saw, hammer and some nails. An old waste piece of wood i.e. plywood was picked from the left over pieces. 

I sawed the piece into sizes . Then I jointed the pieces with nails and a small table was made. 

I was very happy as I had become a carpenter. As benefit or the by-product of this manual labour was that I felt relaxed. Then I realized   that manual labour reduced stress. It is good source stress reduction.
शारिरिक काम करने से तनाब कम होता है 

Today, I became a mason. I took some bricks and made a step. I plastered it with cement and sand. It was rough, not up to the mark. But I was happy that I am able to do it though I am an Associate Professor by profession.

Only one more work is yet to be learned i.e. plumbing and many complaints from my second-half will be over.
इस छोटे से तजुर्बे ने यह बता दिया कि परिश्रम करने से शरीर ठीक रहता है

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