Friday, September 20, 2013


Thoughts are the raw material

for Heaven or Hell.

In Srimad Bhawat Gita, Lord Krishna says:

Control your thoughts,

They will become your actions,

Control your actions;

They will become your habit;

Control your habits;

B'coz from your habits, you will reap the destiny.

Think wise, Dream big. Achieve big. Read good books. Your mind will grow to dream big.

Leave the inessential and focus on the essential. Every achievable dream can be fulfilled.

Dream without vision is day-dreaming. Vision without action is a wish alone. What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

Believe: I CAN DO and you will do. Thought power propels you to achieve what you dream, what is your goal. You are a powerful human. Who does not value time, time does not value him. Check your daily routine. See if what you do is in congruent with your goal or not. If not, mend it, manage it.  TV or mobile non-essential can be taken care of after achieving the goal. But goal cannot be achieved by wasting time on TV, mobile or non-essential time consuming activities.

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