Wednesday, September 18, 2013


In youth,  I loved to excel and  run

I shun the fun
And always run and run.

As the speed was increasing,
The true life was decreasing.

The more I run, the more I shun my fun

The family and friends missed me.
Whenever I appeared once in a year,
Mom hugged me and kissed me.

As I advanced in life
I felt what for is all this stress and fuss,

All the day and night I run
And no time for fun.

As I grew wise with age
I wished to enjoy my fun
But alas youthful energy I lacked for fun,

From the window of my room,
I see the young kids play and make fun

Then I remember the days when I could have fun.
But kept on the run.

Nature turned the energy into wisdom;
I got to stop my run and taste the freedom.

From the window of my room, I look outside
And see small kids, singing, dancing and playing.
Now, small kids, their dance, their songs
 are the source of my fun.

Taught in youth, work hard and fun was bad,
I fled from fun

With the age, I stumbled on the truth,
The fun is not for the old but for the youth.

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