Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Business Mentoring


 Well educated people develop lot of inner fears and phobias about the real world and are unable to launch their own ventures.

They are surrounded by the people who have failed in ventures and lives. The weak talks and detailed losers’ experiences impact the minds of the well educated and experienced people that these brilliant brains are unable to take bold steps and contribute to the society. Their intellect remains caged due to these imaginary fears and phobia. Once these mental hurdles are overcome with the help of a good mentor, the same person, same circumstances, same education and skills turn into great successes.

 Here below is a case of grand success by  a young boy aged 35 years mentored by me.

  1. In July, 2012 I guess, a young bachelor aged about 35 connected me on Linkedin.
  2. His qualification is MBA, M.Com., PGDHR, PGDCA, LLB.
  3. He had worked as Advocate in a High Court, Lecturer to MBA.
  4. He was working in July 2012 as Vice President to a company.
  5. Linkedin connection turned into personal relationship and mobile phones were exchanged.
  6. Then one day, he told me that another company is offering double the pay.
  7. My quick reply was : Why don’t you start your own venture? You are so much qualified.
  8. He expressed lots of limitations and weaknesses and major weakness was finance.
  9. I assured him that when you have the skill finance cannot be a limitation. Just start. It took many rounds of discussion to convince him “YOU CAN DO”.
  10. He started: Education, Training, Placement and Consultancy.
  11. In between he came to meet me in person. His cousin was with me.
  12. I told him that you are a great mind. Don’t waste your mind by working as salaried person. Use your creative mind for your own venture.
  13. When he returned to his place, he told me over telephone that all the relatives and family members now recognize me as intelligent person. It is only due to your few words and appreciation sir. They never recognized my qualification and intelligent. I thank you from the core of my heart. He had come to attend marriage.
  14. I told him: I am a mentor and to speak positive words  is my first dharma (religious duty). To make the young people realize their potential through my words is my skill and personal duty too.
  15. Yesterday, I received an email from this mentored bachelor which says: Started with 30k a year back, the organization has turnover of 5000 k with about 20 direct and indirect employees. Thank you for your identifying my potential, sir. I really thank you. I may become a millionaire or billionaire but I will never forget you.
  16. Then he spoke to me on phone and I just blessed him and wished him to work more and more and get married too. He laughed a lot.
  17. I am going to be 56 and have recently completed my MBA and am going to join Ph.D in January 2015 in Strategic Management.
  18. I was thinking just 20 calls and many emails made this venture and person successful, happy and self-fulfilling. Qualification is a small car stuck in a quagmire and mentoring is like a big trucker that can pull that car out of the mud. Once the car is out of the mud, the car owner thanks the trucker driver for the help and car runs, runs and runs for many years without any hurdle.
  19. He is progressing. Now nothing can stop him.
  20. I am feeling happy that I have been able to make a person realize his dreams.
  21. In my entire life, if I am able to mentor 100 young men and they employ 100 people each and mentor other 100 people each it will be 10000 people earning bread and 10000 people mentored by them starting their own ventures. In case they employ at least 20 people (directly or indirectly) which is easy in India total 200 k people will become respectful bread earners. If those 200 k people each had 5 people in their families 1000 k will be enjoying. What a great contribution to the society! Support my vision. This is possible.
  22. More the ventures, better the economy. My life will be become worth. I will be happy without money.  It is better not to give fish but to train the person "how to fish." The person will never demand fish from you. Both will become independent and support each other. 

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