Saturday, August 10, 2013


by Swami Vivekananda

Bring light to the poor; 
and bring more light to the rich, 
for they require it more than the poor. 

Bring light to the ignorant, 
and more light to the educated, 
for the vanities of the education 
of our time are tremendous.

                                                                                III   247

Addition by Prof P.K.Keshap:

Hard skills are good for profession. 
But soft skills are more important for living in society. 
Nobody cares how much you know
 until he knows how much you care.

 Life is a formal school and we humans learn 
something new each and every moment of the day
till the last day of our lives from all humans, animals, 
ecology and environment.

For learning listening is most important. 2 ears one mouth
means 66% listening and 33% talking.

Learning is a life long process. 
Knowingly or unknowingly
willingly or unwillingly
we learn from our interaction with others or our 
Schools/colleges/universities teach hard skills 
but most of the soft skills are self learnt from our culture, 
family and environment at large. No coach. 
Hit and try method works. So, love to learn. 

We are our own coaches and trainers.

We have been given one body. 
Whether to hate it or love is our choice.
 If we love it, many deceases – mental and physically- are eliminated. 
If we hate it, we don’t need external enemies, we have internal enemies. i
External enemies can be fought with weapons 
but internal enemies can only be fought  with mindful living 
and positive affirmations.

Osho says:

 Accept yourself in absolute totality and celebrate yourself. 
Never compare. Comparison is hell. 

Believing in yourself, we can achieve what we wish. 
Biggest problem is that we don’t know who we are, 
what we are and what is the purpose of our existence 
on planet Earth. 

All holy scriptures say:

Know thyself and you will know the world.
World is nothing but your mental creation.

Don't feed your mind with discouraging or negative thoughts.
See the beauty in the world and the beauty within yourself,
you will grow beautiful mentally and physically.

Education enables a person to earn livelihood
but self-learning enables a person to earn a fortune. 
Self-learning includes soft skills too.
Soft skills are about 60 in number,

Most of them are learnt by individuals themselves.

Situations are 10% and 90% is our reaction to situation.
Whether to react or not is our choice that can make us happy or unhappy.

Emerson's words must be remembered always:

What lies behind and
what lies before matters not
as compared to what lies

Rejection is a part of success.
Series of rejections when reflected upon by continuous soul searching
results in improvement for self-development. More learning, more failures,
more lessons, more success.

Mentally weak bog down from failures while mentally strong get up,
learn a lesson from failure and do not quit but continue. In the end, they win.
Good lesson: Start from scratch. Keep on scratching and it will shine.

Conquering the Everest (highest peak in the world)
a person is able to conquer any goal to fulfill dreams.

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