Friday, July 5, 2013



  1. Thinking and thoughts affect our happiness.
  2. We torture ourselves mentally for what may not happen for many years in reality.
  3. Live Example: Today morning, my daughter asked me to leave at her office. I asked my son to leave her at the office on the vehicle. As he was enjoying sleep and did not like to get up, he just said “NO” by waving his hand in sleep i.e. without opening his eyes.
  4. I felt lot of arrogance mentally murmuring “the boy does not help me and all are dependent upon me.”
  5. Effect: This kind of thinking caused mental anguish. Mind started burning, muscles started twitching. I was surprised to feel this.
  6. I immediately sent another message to mind: Why am I thinking that my son is not obeying me? If my son was not here at home and even then I had to go to leave the daughter at office.
  7. Just I started thinking like this : mental burning subsided, muscles’ twitching reduced and after 10-15 minutes my body was quite calm and I was driving the two wheeler to leave my daughter at office.
  8. We both laughed and talked a lot during the journey from home to office.
  9. I shared this working of the mind with my daughter too.
  10. I concluded that unhappiness is in the mind only.
  11. Mental possessions and over expectations are the real cause of unhappiness.
  12. Becoming happy is a person’s personal responsibility. Worldly possessions cannot make one happy.
  13. Work is love visible. Work and be rich or sit at the gate of a temple to receive alms from the people who work.
  14. Loving work is happiness. Love work mentally and you will not fall ill. 

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