Thursday, May 9, 2013


Dear international friends and legal luminaries,

Here is a query. Kindly clarify by giving answer as comment.

1. I am lover of humans and am law-abiding citizen.
2. I am an Indian.
3. I believe : One Earth One Humanity and hence all the humans have the right to see other parts of the planet Earth and visit other countries.
4. Generally, less educated people wish to travel and visit other countries but visa authorities have to refuse visa as they are not thoroughly known to the background of these people.
5. I am on internet and well educated professor.
6. I take one affidavit from these less educated people whom I know well for many years. In the affidavit,they state that  they are law abiding, have good character and have never been convicted by any court of law and no suit is pending before any court.
7. I do this out  of love and affection for them FREE of cost and the fact that no money has been paid for this.
8.Against their affidavit, I execute an affidavit with a validity date say 30 days, 60 days or 90 days. The visa authorities check my profile on internet and issue the visa.
9. The beneficiary comes back within that stipulated period back to India. Their affidavit is accompanied by legal Govt. documents' photocopy like passport, driving licence, or voter card.

Now Kindly guide me.

Is this act of mine legal or illegal? Ethical it is as this serves humans without any financial consideration.
I am doing this out of love and affection and it may not land me in a big problem over a period of time. Hence this query is floated for the international fraternity. Life is a gift of God and once only. All Govt. need visitors. So, kindly guide.

Prof P.K.Keshap

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