Saturday, February 23, 2013


                 The she dog in our area gave birth to six puppies. The small young and tiny kids were very excited. They were wondering and smiling and feeling surprised at the blinking of the eyes by these small puppies. The ladies of the area were bringing milk for the newly born puppies and their mother. Some ladies brought carpet and an old bed sheet and tent was erected which served as temporary home for the newly born kids – quite cute.

                The young small kids loved to touch the soft skin and hair of these newly born puppies.
Puppies were also moving from one side to another. Every time they make the move, the small kids create lot of shrieks and cries out of heart-felt happiness. I was much impressed from the kids’ reaction to the actions to the new guests on this planet Earth.

                  It was all about 3 months back.

               It was raining heavily since last night and all the puppies were huddled in the open in their temporary tent. Throughout the night, it rained cats and dogs. One puppy kept on crying throughout the night. Today morning, I thought to check why was this small puppy crying. I went to their tent and found that one puppy – the crying one was out of the tent and water was pouring on it. It was trembling with cold caused by incessant rain.

               I immediately understood why the puppy was crying. It was quite tiny to touch. I dared and picked it up in my hands, brought to the porch and dried it with a coarse cloth. But it was still trembling. I burnt some newspaper to give warmth to the puppy. It did help the puppy. White foam was coming out of its mouth. Perhaps due to excessive cold caused by heavy rain water poured on it during the last night. Its end appeared near. My soul shook and I gave a challenge to myself that I will save this small soul.

               I burnt many old newspapers to keep the puppy warm. Then medicine was given. It was crying continuously. When observed keenly, it was found that its one leg was hurt and it was unable to move. May be, it was experiencing severe pain as whenever it tried it toppled on the side of the hurt leg.

               My family and neighbor gathered and all started giving suggestions. I asked my wife to bring hot water bottle so that it may be kept in the box in which the puppy was kept. She favored and brought a plastic bottle of hot water. The puppy felt good by sleeping with this bottle of hot water and enjoyed its warmth. Medicine and milk was given.

               It took us all about 4-5 hours to save the little soul. Now after 7 hours the puppy is sleeping in the carton with the hot water bottle. But, now, we all are at peace that the little soul is saved. We are feeling very good. Someone in the crowd that gathered around the puppy said: Saving a soul is better than praying thousand times.

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