Friday, November 2, 2012

How I cured my back ache?

At 55, the body, in my case, started behaving abnormally. Back ache was the one problem that caused me a lot of pain and consequently my behaviour with family members and others deteriorated. My smile turned into grin.

Children started saying: Papa please don’t behave like this. The ratio of their showing up in my room reduced to 30%.


All this made me to introspect and find the reasons for my irritating behaviour. When I went on focusing and finding the reasons for this behaviour: I concluded: Backache is the reason.

The ailment was diagnosed. Now next, I started thinking, what are causes of back ache.


Again, I focused, closing my eyes and increasing my observations:

I noted my daily routine.

First, I found, 60% of the time of the day, I was sitting on my chair and working on computer. The chairs angle was 90 degree that could be bent back to 135-150 degree.

My sitting posture was not right while I worked on the computer.

My back protruded backward and head stooped on the table where my laptop and computer are kept.

This posture made my backbone bend and it caused ache and pain. Continuous pain was the cause of my bad behaviour with family members, friends and others.

 Second, I found that rest of the time, I enjoyed lying on sofa and using the remote to change the channels.

So, the entire day, I was not keeping proper posture. Whatever I ate, I could not digest. This caused burning problem in my heart and neighboring areas.

Regular sitting before the laptop, computer and television also lowered the inhaling and hence caused low supply of oxygen to my physiological system.

Now the problem was diagnosed, causes were discerned and next I started thinking about the remedies and cures.


  1. For breathing and more intake of oxygen I started morning walk in the park having lot of greenery.
  2. One day, I was asked to carry cooking gas cylinder to 1st floor. I grumbled a lot but carried it. I found that after I placed the cylinder in kitchen, my back pain had substantially reduced. I, immediately, thought of doing some physical work.
  3. I started gardening and doing household chores happily. Buying grocery, buying vegetables, I go on foot.
  4. I started drinking more water which I used to miss while working on laptop or watching television.
  5. Now I have a wooden chair having 90 degree angle. My back remains straight while I work.

Just these 5 changes have made my back pain go by 80-85% and I hope that with due course of time, the entire pain will be cured. My family members, friends and others are happy and surprised at my joyful and tolerant behaviour.  Before, this observation, I visited many doctors and ate many medicines. May be those medicines too have worked from within. But these 5 changes in my life style gave a lot of relief.  

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