Thursday, September 27, 2012

Be a friend!

 Best letter published in The Tribune of 26th September, 2012

WITH the increasing burden on children, the question that arises is :

 Is your child capable of coping up with stress? 

Today’s generation has many stresses to cope up with. 

It not only includes constant petering by parents to excel in academics,

 but also peer pressure, social pressure, enhancing development skills, etc.

The best way to find a solution to your child’s problems is to be your child’s best friend.

 Don’t rest the pressure of your dreams on his or her shoulders.

 Let the child choose his own way, be a constant guide and companion

 so that in case he falters you can put him on the right track. 

The seeds that you sow shall definitely blossom. 

The growing number of suicide cases is a testimony to the fact that teenagers often stumble,

 because there was no one to support them they became a victim of undue societal pressure.

Source: Letter of Neha Maheshwari, Patiala published in The Tribune of 26th September, 2012.

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