Wednesday, March 21, 2012


          BY Vasudha Gupta
Saurabh Garg, 25, a young lawyer practicing in the Supreme Court, was invited to the Bar of England and Wales in October 2011.

Saurabh was invited to the society of the Inner Temple, which has notable alumni, including MK Gandhi and Jawahar Lal Nehru, to its credit.

This young lad, who has his own law firm, has studied Intellectual Property Law in the London School of Economics. In his endeavour to understand the legal system, Saurabh coordinated the ULIS Law and Technology Seminar as chief
 coordinator and represented the university at Criminal Law Forum, Bhopal.

Motivational factor.

I have always aimed to do something for my nation. I wanted to come back to India to open an organization that works on issues like illiteracy, poverty and population. I want to improve myself everyday. For me, learning something new everyday is the key.

Feathers in the cap

I received the Best Student Advocate award an International Moot Court competition in 2008. I have written several research papers that have been published in prestigious journals. I was the only India to study at the Bar in England and secure an internship with the International Bar Association, London.

In my pursuit to specialize in mediation, I underwent training to be an accredited mediator.

Strengths and weaknesses

I am focused, optimistic and a confident person.  I think my weakness is that I get aggressive and impatient when it is comes to getting work done.

Flipside of being an achiever

It can lead to have fewer friends. If a person during an interaction with his friends tries not to make the other person insecure, then he can keep the friendship going. The problem only comes when the other person feels that he is being looked down upon.

People tend to be become envious, judgmental and start expecting a lot from you.

Words of Wisdom

My sincere advice is to follow you heart in whatever you want to do in life. One may face opposition from the people around but they’ll be fine once they see you happy. Having said that, I believe that it’s not aptitude but attitude that determines the altitude.

 Source: The Tribune 22nd March, 2012.

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