Tuesday, February 21, 2012



That which is accepted by an individual- males, females, children, olds everyone and society at large is a true religion. Ascetic Kannadi says: What creates welfare for all in this world and in the world next is true religion.

Religion is not narrow and blind as interpreted  by various many religious leaders citing various hymns or definitions from  the holy scriptures. The religion means raising the level of consciousness beyond mental narrowness confined to caste, creed, color,gender or nationality. It works for the welfare of humans of all hues. True religion when practiced transcends this mental narrowness. It’s a self-effort.

When we analyse a religion deeply, we come to know that a human life is not moving from false living to good living but from good living to higher living and truth, from truth to higher truth. We all are the progeny of one God and are basically bonded with each other at soul level.

Unity is the essence of religion. All religions teach us non-violence, love all in the world be it environment or nature. In the holy scriptures, it is envisaged that serving the needy, poor and weak is the highest service and highest religion too.

Our saints have widely analysed and popularised the religion. Knowledge and science is widely now being talked and discussed and taking over the true religion. Sensitive to humans’ difficulties and problems is declining. Growing materialism in the minds of the constituents of this world is another reason of worry for humanistic mind. Proliferation of science without sensitivity to human aspect can develop hydrogen bombs that can cause loss of humans greater than the losses in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Indian culture looks at religion from a large perspective and terms the war too as “religious war”. Religion is primarily leads the minds of the Indians. In Mahabharata, armies fought but never lost the humanistic perspective while dealing with enemies. Perhaps, the present time Charter of Human Rights by United Nations if dug well may have roots to those times.

True religion elevates our mental level and directs us to spiritualism. Spiritually developed individual works for the welfare of all humans like air which is essential to breathe.

What the living being need- air, water, clothing, home and then luxuries. But the greed grinds at the root of the mind and takes it to an extent where we develop sins.

Absence of true religion causes proliferation of materialism and curtails spiritualism. This attitude is a great mental wall for the philosophy “Live and Let Live”.

True religion teaches and trains our minds to accept others as they are and practice “Live and Let Live” philosophy. This is possible only if we mentally (directing process of thinking)  practice non-violence, peace, satisfaction with what we have on day to day basis. This form of true religion if practiced by all can make this planet really secure for all.       

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