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Happiness at work


Gems of Ancient Wisdom

Beware of the rotten apple.

Camaraderie in a team is threatened even if there is one person who

·        shrinks work or

·         is a gossip monger or

·        plays politics.

Like foul smell these traits infect others quickly.

            While Rani Chennamma of Kittur was against any alliance with the British, the Brits found allies in her noblemen- Mallappa and Venkata Rao. After the deaths of Chennamma’s husband  Mallasarja and her stepson Shivalinga Rudra Surja, the British moved into Kittur to take control.

            While she beat them in the battle, she lost the war when the British got their regiments from Bombay and Madras. She was imprisoned in Bailahongala fort where she died five years later.

             During their seize of Sri Ranga Pattana, the British found the fort impregnable. But the ranks of Tipu Sultan had a mole – Mir Sadiq. He told the Brits to concentrate their shelling on the weak northeastern wall, sent all the soldiers to get their salaries and then signaled to the enemy to enter through the breach.

             In the tussle between the gods and demons, Indra kidnapped Kayadhu, the pregnant wife of Hirnayakashyap, while the demon king was busy doing penance to gain more powers. Narada intervened and persuaded  Indra to leave her at his hermitage. There he told the queen and her unborn son Prahlad about the glories of Lord Vishnu.

           When the boy grew up, he accepted Vishnu, and not his father Hiranyakashyap, as Almighty. Fearing that this sentiment would spread, the father tried many ways to kill his son, but failed. Finally, Lord Vishnu emerged as Narsimha and killed the demon king .

            In their teenage, Yuyutsu, son of Dhritrashtra born to a Vaishya woman, informed the Pandavas about the evil designs of his stepbrothers. Later during the Mahabharata war, he switched over to Kaurava’s side. He was the only son of Dhritrashtra to escape the carnage at Kurukshetra.

            As many as 1,500 soldiers in Babar’s army had been cut to pieces on the first day of he battle against Rana Sanga on the battle field of Khanwa in March 1527. So, the wily Babar changed tactics and bribed Shiladitya, Sanga’s Minister of Defence, to betray his master.

             “At my langar, all those who to wish to work and eat were welcome. But we have no room for idlers,” said Guru Nanak.

              There is no work prescribed for Me and nor am I in want of anything. Yet I am engaged in work, declared Krishna in Gita(3.22)

              While queen Kaikeyi was at the coronation of Rama, her maid Manthara opened Pandora’s box with her poisonous words.

              Stem the rot before it spread.

-         Sai R. Vaidyananthan. The write can be contacted at

Source: Jobs and Careers, The Tribune, December 21, 2011.

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