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BEAT it with your attitude.
A Chandigarh based Pschotherapist

Each individual is unique and each of us responds differently to a stressful situation. The problem of stress is not taken as seriously as it should be.

Modern science, despite major technological achievements, has so far failed to find a way to measure it. Most people who are stressed don’t even know how critical their situation is. Some even fail to respond as they suppress their symptoms wonderfully.

Familiarity with stress is very important. It is only through identifying with the condition and understanding it that we can learn to handle how to handle it.

Observing the body’s response to stress:

• Identifying physical signs of stress.
• Understanding one’s genetic and environmental make-up objectively.

These factors are very important in identifying a condition.

Managing Stress:

• Recognizing stress reaction.
• Reduce further production of stress reaction.
• Address the stress reaction and chemicals already produced.
• Manage the residual stress.

Stress is not always harmful but it has its benefits too. For attitude is the most important in life. If we keep that going, nothing in the world can get to us.

Focus on Change:

Focus on change is the key once you have managed to identify a condition, you should be able to change it.

Change is the only constant:

Change brings in:

• New information
• New demands
• New challenges.

The human being has a habit of resisting anything new initially. Anything unknown we have to deal with causes stress.


• Analyse the situation
• Assess the need for our purpose.

A positive focus means you recognize the benefits of opportunities around you and use them to your advantage.

Changing the internal system:

Set up filters within yourself to cut down the impact of external stressors. To deal with stress this is very vital. For example, “ I hated noodles two years ago. No I love them.” It is how we decide to reconcile our mind.

Source: Tribune Life+Style Gyan Zone Saturday 29th April, 2011.
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